"High Standards and High Expectations by all and for all"


Subject Leader: Miss S McGuniess

KS3 curriculum content is as follows:
Year 7
An introduction to history: What is history?
Past European society: The Romans
Power and Democracy: The battle of Hastings, Thomas Beckett, King John
Everyday lives: The Middle ages
A study of local history

Year 8
Power and Democracy: The Tudors
A turbulent world 1649-1670: The Plague, Great fire of London, Oliver Cromwell, Charles 1
Historical mysteries: Jack the Ripper, J.F.Kennedy
Colonisation: The Native Americans
Conflict and cooperation: The English civil war, the French revolution, the gunpowder plot

Year 9
Industrialistion: Changing agricultural policy and the growth of factories
The development of world trade: Slave Triangle
Conflict: World war one
Power and conflict: The sinking of the Lusitania and the rise of Hitler

Key Stage 4
The Key Stage 4 curriculum content is provided in the latest version of our options booklet.  
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Senior Management Team
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