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 World Cup Form Display Competition

 In order to celebrate the recent world Cup in Brazil it was decided to run an Inter form competition:

A representative of each form drew out the name of a competing nation and was presented with the National flag of their drawn Country.

The flag was to be used as the focal point for a form room display which could include anything that the students considered relevant for their display. eg famous nationals, national landmarks, places of historical interest, food and culture.

The winning form was Mrs Turners 9Y with Brazil

Running alongside was an interform 5 a side football competition, the students adopted their Country and played a round robin and subsequent finals with the following winners:

Year 7 - 7e England
Year 8 - 8w equador
year 9 - 9y Brazil
Year 10 - 10w Mexico

Jason walker and marc macaloone from Barrow AFC presented the trophies.