"High Standards and High Expectations by all and for all"


 Teaching Staff

     Miss F Bland            
Performing Arts
     Mr A Moffett 
     Mrs V Niblo                  
     Mr S Cunningham
     Mrs M Gale 
     Mrs M Grace
     Miss S Jennings 
     Mr S Tyson
     Mrs S McGuiness
     Mr R Dean
     Miss J McLeod
     Miss R Ward
     Mrs A Brown
     MrG Corcoran 
     Mrs H McAllister
     Mr M Ingham
     Mr I Peters
Modern Foreign Languages 
     Mrs B Bates
     Mrs S Cassley
     Mrs L Higgs
     Mrs P Magee
     Mrs R Brennan
     Mrs R Lever
     Mr G Sargent 
     Miss R Lee
     Mr A Higgs
     Mrs M Turner 
     Miss K Rawlinson  
     Mrs G Winter
     Mr C Stewart 
      Mr A Green 
     Miss K Benn 
     Mrs K Hubbard 
     Mr G Mullaney    
     Mr S Porter
     Mrs J Mitchell : Inclusion Support Manager  
     Mr N Tippins : Inclusion  Teacher

Support Staff 

Mrs V Lloyd : Business Manager  
Mrs H Doughty : Logistics Co-Ordinator
Mr P Speirs : Assistant Network Manager
Mrs J Clements : Finance/Payroll Assistant
Mrs D Elvy : Finance/Payroll Assistant 
Mr D Foxen : Data Manager
Mrs P Crowe : Examinationss Officer
Miss L Corkill : Head teacher’s PA & Office Manager
Mrs P McAteer : Clerical Assistant  
Mrs S Ottley : Clerical Assistant
Mr T Rooney : Apprentice IT Technician
Mrs E Simmons : Clerical Assistant/SIMS/Attendance
Mrs S Tyson : Clerical Assistant
Miss H Preston : Resource & Administrative Support Worker
Mrs N Milburn : Reprographics Technician
Mr S Bristo : Site Manager
Mr M Watson : Site Manager
Mr R Reid : Janitor
Mr D Took : Janitor 
Mrs L Foster : Education Welfare Officer
Mrs L McFall : Cover Supervisor
Mrs A Turner : Cover Supervisor
Mrs A Amacna : Student Services
Mrs J Brooks : Senior Lab Technician 
Mr P Brooks : Facilities Manager
Mr A Foss : Technology Technician  
Mrs K Lourie : Inclusion support worker
Mrs C Barry : Pupil support senior teaching assistant* 
Mrs S Bartlam : Pupil Support Learning Mentor English    
Mrs J Campbell : Pupil Support Learning Mentor Maths
Mr M Card : Pupil Support Learning Mentor
Mr L Costa : Pupil Support Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Dickinson : SERIS (Supporting Emotional Resilience in Students) worker
Mrs D Dooley : Pupil Support Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Dunstan : Pupil Support Senior Teaching Assistant  
Ms C English : Pupil Support Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr A Gilbert : Co-ordinator Inclusion & Head of year 11
Mrs D Huddart : Inclusion Support Assistant 
Mrs C Jones : Pupil Support Health Care Assistant
Mrs J Keenan : Pupil Support Senior Teaching Assistant  
Mrs D Metcalfe : Pupil Support Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Stockdale : Higher Level Teaching Assistant + Head of year 7
Mrs A Strain : Pupil Support Teaching Assistant
Miss K Whitehouse : Pupil Support Teaching Assistant
Ms P Kavanagh : Cook
Mrs H Spence : Assistant Cook
Mrs S Comish : General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs C Stitt : General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs P Bentley : General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs P Kendall : General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs K Price : General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs N L Roberts : General Kitchen Assistant
Miss H Richardson : Assistant Midday Supervisor
Mrs C Ferrar : Assistant Midday Supervisor
Ms H Jones : Assistant Midday Supervisor
Mrs K Kell : Assistant Midday Supervisor
Miss N Roberts : Assistant Midday Supervisor
Miss J Sandham : Assistant Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Wakefield : Assistant Midday Supervisor
Mrs T Wood : Assistant Midday Supervisor (Pupil Support)
Mrs D Daley : General Kitchen Assistant (temp)
Mrs M May : Cleaner