"High Standards and High Expectations by all and for all"


This is an event run by BAE systems, it is a competition which will consist of different rounds including science maths and other Engineering questions.

The HOTLY-CONTESTED academic competition is back with the first rounds taking place on Wednesday 11th February and Monday 23rd February.
Teams of secondary school students will once again go head-to-head in Top of the Form.
Graduates, industrial placements and trainees from Barrow’s BAE Systems Maritime – Submarines run the quiz style event which has a science, technology, engineering and maths focus.
The eight schools aiming to be crowned the 2015 Top of the Form champions are Cartmel School, Chetwynde School, Dowdales School, Furness Academy, Kirkbie Kendal School, St Bernards School, Ulverston Victoria School and Walney School. The reigning champions are Furness Academy, who looking to secure a fifth consecutive title.

 The best of luck is wished to the team from all the staff and students at Walney school

The first round draw is

Heats 1 and 2: Wednesday 11th February 2015 at Walney School                                                                                                         Heat 1: Walney School v Kirkbie Kendal School                                                                                                                                         Heat 2: Furness Academy v St Bernards School                                                                                                                                         Heats 3 and 4: Monday 23rd February 2015 at Dowdales School                                                                                                           Heat 3 : Dowdales School v Cartmel Priory                                                                                                                                                 Heat 4: Chetwynde School v Ulverston Victoria High School


Heat 1: Walney School 400 v 505 Kirkbie Kendal School                                                                                                           Heat 2: Furness Academy 650 v 455 St Bernards

Heat 3 : Dowdales School 380 v 525 Cartmel Priory                                                                                                                   Heat 4 : Chtwynde School 455 v 485 Ulversto Victoria High School

Walney v Kirkbie Kendal review

 4:30pm. Nervously pacing. Frantically fishing for facts in the frontal lobe. Last minute revision. And then there we were; sitting uncomfortably on the stage, ready for the battle of brains to begin. As the rounds progressed, the lead switched like the energy transfer of Gravitational Potential Energy to Kinetic as the pendulum swung (this is a STEM competition, after all), point totals racking up faster than the TESCO tills on the weekend before Christmas! Our Walney team demonstrated engineering prowess with a structure made from lolly-pop sticks and sellotape, which amazed the BAE personnel when it actually held two out of four Star Wars ships (the Force really was with us).

It could have ended either way. However, we had not calculated for the extreme velocity of Kirkbie Kendal’s Fastest Finger... all credit to Matthew, whose reflexes (and general knowledge) defied scientific belief!

We were incredibly proud of our performance. We enjoyed working together and made a good team. Well done Bradley Hayton-Mulvey, Emily Carr and Joshua Campbell – it was a pleasure working with you. It is a shame it had to end so soon, but we wish the best of luck to Kirkbie Kendal for the remainder of the competition. That finger is a ‘Force’ to be reckoned with!

Rebecca Williams, Team Captain

Semi Finals 

The semi finals will take place on March 23rd at Furness Academy with the four remaining teams looking to book their places at the finals night on April 20th in the Coronation Hall Ulverston.

Semi Final 1 : Furness Academy v Kirkbie Kendal                                                                                                                                       Semi Final 2 : Cartmel Priory v Ulverston Victoria High School