"High Standards and High Expectations by all and for all"


Head of Department: Miss R Lee

Key Stage 3
In Science at Key Stage 3 students learn about how scientists work to develop theories, the ways scientists communicate and present data.  They consider the influence of Science on society and the effect of society on Science.
Over Years 7, 8 and 9 students will study a wide range of topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students plan and carry out investigations and learn about scientific developments and cutting edge advancements in the field.
All students will develop their use of evidence to support arguments, debate controversial issues present and teach Science to one another. Students reflect on their progress throughout Key Stage 3 and learn about how the first two years in Science at prepares them for their GCSEswhich we deliver during Years 9, 10 and 11

Key Stage 4
The Key Stage 4 curriculum content is provided in the latest version of our options booklet.  Students may follow either the dual award qualification (2 GCSEs) or the Separate Sciences in Biology, Physics and Chemistry (3 GCSEs)