"High Standards and High Expectations by all and for all"

Peer Mentors

After the February 2015 half term, Walney School will officially re-launch the Peer Mentors programme.  Peer Mentors was a popular and successful program when it was running previously but unfortunately the programme petered out when Mrs Yates left our beloved school.
Peer Mentors are here to help everyone with any issue, whether you simply cannot find your way around school, you need help with schoolwork or homework or simply want to make new friends we are here to help you.
Although not a major issue at Walney School there have been a few incidents of bullying and Peer Mentors can help you with this too, bullying will not be tolerated whether it is physical or emotional, takes place face to face or online via social networking.  Together we can beat the bullies, please talk to your Peer Mentors.
The Peer Mentors group get together twice a week on Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes in Miss Wards classroom (G60) located in the new build.  Feel free to come along and not just if you need help, we have board games to play and often just enjoy a chat so come along make friends and be happy.
Peer Mentors. Here to help you.