"High Standards and High Expectations by all and for all"

Day 1 travelling & Day 2 Orientation and Match 1
The group of 27 Walney Students and 4 Staff departed school at 2.30pm on Monday. Waved off by parents students were extremely excited to get this once in a lifetime trip underway.

Travelling to Manchester Airport went quicker than expected and we were soon checking our baggage in and getting a bite to eat before our scheduled 7.25 flight to Malta. The flight departed 20 minutes late but this didn't dampen the mood. In fact spirits were high as food and drinks were served and photos taken.

We landed and quickly collected our luggage for our onward transfer to Sunflower Hotel.

Waking up to blue skies and heat of 26 degrees made the late night worthwhile. Breakfast was served at the hotel which included a much needed coffee for the staff.  Our itinerary for the day included walking into Bugibba, past where the boys would play football later on, and lunch at cafes locally.  Then it was back to the hotel and the rooftop pool for some relaxation before the afternoon’s action.

Homeward Bound - Saturday 15th June 2013
On Saturday morning the dedicated sun worshippers took the last opportunity to catch some rays by the roof top pool before we had to leave. After a fabulous week in Malta the group gathered their belongings and left the Sunflower Hotel for our 3.20pm flight home. A crowd gathered to wave us off (or were they just checking in?) and after a comfortable flight and coach ride we arrived back at school at 8.30pm. The trip had come to an end but we know the students will remember this experience and great trip with great people.

During our travels home we took the time to ask each student their best moments, matches, day and anything else they wanted to comment on. These were the results:

The sporting highlights for the girls centred around the first game (which they won), all the team chose this game, Abby Hempsall puts this down the fact that "everyone was excited to play and we played good as a team". Melissa Rogerson thinks the first match was the best as she enjoyed "wiping the smiles off their (opposition) faces when we won". I like that winning mentality Mel!

The boys had some competitive fixtures all week in different environments, there was a mix of answers when asked which game they enjoyed most, Lewis Law enjoyed the first game against FC Sirens, Kieran Roberts best moment was being "brought on at centre back", which changed the second game (good decision Mr R), Scott Nicholson and Matthew Bailey also thought the second game was best and three of the team really enjoyed the Walney v Walney game on Thursday.
It was difficult for the group to pick a best day but most seemed to plump for either the beach day on Tuesday or the trip to the Waterpark and Presentation evening on Friday, Abby Hempsall loved "playing volleyball in the sea" at the beach and Zach Walker and Bronwen Metcalfe both preferred "playing volleyball at the waterpark". You'd think it was a volleyball tour!
The group learnt a lot whilst walking round Valetta especially about the balconies that line both sides of the streets. Nearly half of all pupils mentioned these fantastic sights summed up by Daniel Cooper's comment that "admiring the balconies in Valetta", was the best part of the trip!

James Bailey, Brad Roden & Ben Eddy's best moments were "using the inflatable climbing wall at the waterpark". Jake Stockdale also enjoyed the waterpark and the presentation night, "because of the banter we had".

The hotel was "clean, nice, friendly and the pool was good", James Bailey.

Ellis Rea liked "getting most improved player".

A. Hempsall learnt that "I can make new friends with people I wouldn't have talked to otherwise."

Hayden Skyrme learnt the hard way on tour as he burnt his feet he said, "I'm no good in the sun without cream".

The need for versatile players on tour led to Kieran Roberts and Lorna Taylor winning the awards on Friday, Lorna learnt that she "can play a different position other than wing defence".

It was first time flying for Hayden Skyrme and Mattie McKee, Hayden's best moment was "coming abroad and flying".

Brad Speake just enjoyed his "tea on Friday". Thanks Brad!

The behaviour and maturity of the students enabled the teachers to fully enjoy the trip and bring on their sporting talents. Mr Robinson tried to sum up their thoughts, "All the time and effort planning this trip has been worth it because the students have been so well behaved. It has far exceeded my expectations! We've had some great football results and I'm so pleased everyone worked hard for each other, responded to the tactics and bonded as a group".

Lastly we the Teachers would like to thank the parents for seeing the merits in this trip and their hard work organising their children.

Many Thanks
Mr Robinson, Mrs Lever, Mr Milburn & Mrs Stockdale

Football Match
Football Match
Manchester Airport
Manchester Airport
Netball Match
Netball Match