"High Standards and High Expectations by all and for all"

Modern Foreign Languages

Head of Department: Mrs B Bates

Students study both French and German at KS3 and can then opt to study one or two GCSE language(s).  We are very pleased with the rapidly increasing uptake in MFL at KS4.
Key Stage 3
In MFL at Key Stage 3 students develop skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening.
Topics covered in each language include Personal Information, Family and Friends, School, Hobbies, Travel and Tourism, Healthy Lifestyles (including food and drink), and Shopping.
During the three years students will also build up a range of general linguistic skills, including how to tackle unfamiliar language in texts, how to give opinions and use connectives to create more complex sentences, and how to identify and use verbs in three different time frames. 
Students also learn about the culture of France and Germany, and have the chance to discuss similarities and differences to our own.
An annual visit to France and Germany is offered. 
Speaking is an essential skill which the students work on throughout the three Years. We encourage the students to work collaboratively in lessons to develop confidence in this area, and pair and group work activities are a regular part of our lessons.
Key Stage 4
The Key Stage 4 curriculum content for both languages is provided in the latest version of our options booklet.