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Accelerated Reading

The library fully supports the whole school reading programme, Accelerated Reading. All Year 7, 8 and 9 students are engaged in the system which we believe improves the progression of students in all areas of education.  In essence, Accelerated Reading is quite simple. Students in Key Stage 3 loan books from the library, the level of which is determined by the result of a previously taken reading test, and then on completion of the book, take a reading quiz. This quiz tests the students understanding of their book and awards them with a percentage success rate. These reading quiz results are then recorded by the AR system and linked to our school reward system; students are required to read a number of books per term, to be eligible for the end of term reward.

Walney School Library is well stocked and we are committed to its maintenance, making sure that all levels of readers are well catered for. A wide variety of subjects and genres are stocked and our librarian, Miss Preston, along with an enthusiastic team of student librarians, actively supports students in their selection of reading material.

If you would like to check your reading status from home, click on the button below and use your school accelerated reader logon details.

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Reading Club
This takes place every Friday Lunch time between12.20pm - 13.05pm and is available to all students. During this time students are involved in a number of different activities.
Once a month a book is nominated as "Book of the Month" and a session is devoted to reviewing and discussing it. In addition, students often use the time to discuss books that they have read and recommend them to others.
The nature of the club varies from week to week, sometimes being a quiet and settled atmosphere whilst on other occasions, becoming a highly contentious discussion group. Enthusiastic readers usually hold strong opinions and this club is a testament to that!

Spellbinding is an alternative Carnegie Book Award which is based in Cumbria and is organised by the Library Services for Schools. Shadowing the award encourages students to read for fun and enjoyment whilst giving them the opportunity to discuss and express their own views and preferences.

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Senior Management Team
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