"High Standards and High Expectations by all and for all"

ICT and Computer Science

Head of Department: Mr S Porter

In Key Stage Three, students receive a balance of curriculum content divided between ICT skills and Computer Science.  This prepares them to opt for KS4 courses in either subject. 
It is important that all students are prepared for a world that is ever changing due to digital technologies.
All students are taught to use logical reasoning, algorithmic thinking, design and structured problem solving – these are all skills and concepts that are valuable well beyond the computing classroom. We recognise the importance of Computer Science as part of the curriculum due to the demand for computer scientists and the want from students to be taught this discipline.
Our curriculum at Key Stage 3 ensures that all skills are applicable to many contexts from business to engineering and is already leading to deeper understanding within many areas of each students schooling.
During Key Stage 3 all students will learn the following:
Algorithms -  Computational Thinking
Programming & Development – Both Graphical and Textual based programming
Data & Data Representation – Binary, Hexadecimal, Binary Subtraction etc
Hardware and Processing – Moore’s Law, von Neumann architecture, Hardware and Software
Communication & Networks – Hardware and Protocols, WAN’s, LAN’s to Mac Addresses
Information Technology – E-safety, Legislations, Databases, Modelling, Creative Projects

Key Stage 4
At KS4 students can opt to follow GCSEs in either ICT or Computer Science.  The Key Stage 4 curriculum content is provided in the latest version of our options booklet.