"High Standards and High Expectations by all and for all"


Director of English: Mrs V Niblo

Key Stage 3
In English at Key Stage 3 students develop skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening.
They will read a range of contemporary fiction and also study pre 20th Century fiction and a wide range of poetry. Students will also explore drama texts.  The assessed content is provided through Learning Journey reporting to parents.
During the three years students will write for a range of different audiences and purposes. They create short stories, design informative leaflets and write formal reports. We build on the essential skills and techniques developed in primary school and develop key writing skills to be used across the curriculum.
Speaking and listening is an essential skill which the students work on throughout the three years. We encourage students to work collaboratively in lessons to develop good group speaking and listening skills; also we give them opportunities to work in role, give speeches and deliver presentations
Key Stage 4
The Key Stage 4 curriculum content is provided in the latest version of our options booklet.