"High Standards and High Expectations by all and for all"


Walney school eco committee is dedicated to making the environment a greener and happier place to live.  Currently in our eco committee we are focusing on the litter in and around the school areas.  

We have taken multiple surveys in order to collect enough data to begin our project to decrease the amount of litter created by our students.  Hopefully in the near future we would like to go down to the beach and do a huge litter pick, cleaning up the beach making it a safer place for both the people and the animals of Barrow.
Alongside our litter campaign we are trying to find ways to decrease the amounts of fossil fuels and food waste used during school time.  We're also trying to make Walney school an animal friendly zone.  
We are hoping to get a small chicken farm to encourage the use of home grown products and to kick start an animal campaign.  However, we're still developing ideas for this but I am sure that we will have our plans put into place soon.  
Tia Moore