"High Standards and High Expectations by all and for all"

A Typical School Day

Before School

School starts at 08:40am when the bell rings. When you arrive at School you can either stay in the playground or come into School and stand quietly on the bottom corridor. Entry into the School is from the playground. After the gates are closed you need to enter via Reception and sign in at the office.

On the first day you should go straight to the hall but from the second day onwards you go to your form room when the bell rings at 08:40am (don't go into the classroom before 08:40am when a teacher is not with you).

After registration you will either have a Lower School Assembly in the Gym or a Form Period in your form room. Your form tutor will tell you the arrangements each day.


Break is from 11:00am to 11:20am. You should go to the toilet (if needed) on your way out into the playground. The Teacher on duty will instruct you when you can go into School and you can then go to your next lesson.

If the weather is wet at break, you will know because the bell will ring in short bursts. You can then go to the Pupil Support Department and not outside.

At break times hot snacks and drink can be purchased from the canteen, but must be eaten in the hall, remember to put any litter into the bins provided. Litter can be a problem in Schools. We are proud of our School and we expect you to play a part by keeping it clean and tidy.


The morning lesson ends at 12:20pm. Your parents will have informed us whether you are having lunch at home or school, on your contact card. This is vital information we need to take responsibility for you. There is a rota for school dinners and you will be on the first sitting. If you are having a school meal you will line up and when it’s your turn you may collect your tray and move along the counter selecting your food and paying at one of the cashless catering points. There is a menu outside for you to select your lunch. When you have paid for your meal you may sit down in the hall where ever you wish.  When you have finished your lunch please return your tray, crockery and cutlery to the returns counter and then go outside into the fresh air. Later in the term, there will be school activities that you can join in with. Pupils who bring a packed lunch are still part of the rota but you will be called into the dining hall at the start of each rota.  If the weather is wet or very cold you will be informed of the arrangements.  During the lunch break you must not go outside the school grounds without permission.

If you are playing a game such as football, you should play this within the tennis court area. Window's and other people's property are expensive to replace and you would have to pay for any damage.

Home Time

The school day finishes at 3.10pm. Please remember to maintain the standards expected of each student while travelling to and from school.


Monday to Friday     
 08.40am-09.00am  Registration/Assembly
 09.00am-10.00am  Lesson 1
 10.00am-11.00am  Lesson 2
 11.00am-11.20am  Break
 11.20am-12.20pm  Lesson 3
 12.20pm-13.00pm  Lunch
 13.00pm-13.10pm  Registration
 13.10pm-14.10pm  Lesson 4
 14.10pm-15.10pm  Lesson 5

Senior Management Team
Senior Management Team
Leavers Prom
Leavers Prom